1 Cylinder Bores for K-series Kohler

Posted by Julian Stahl on

How big can you bore a stock block. 10-12 Block biggest you can bore is 50 over on old style which is 3.420.
The newer style blocks can go 3.530 for 14HP Largest valve for 10HP Intake
1.850 Exhaust 1.50. Measure cylinder wall by using calipers between fins
and inside diameter of cylinder.
16 HP stock can be bored 30 over 3.780 to 3.937. Head strap is needed!
18HP Blocks K361 can be bored to 3-15/16 must have head supports.

 Link to pistons

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    Allenpaiff on
  • i’v got a 25hp kohler command horz. shaft. i ordered your 6.350 push rods along with your single spring heavy valve springs. when i tighten down the rockers it pushes down the valve then i have no compression. i even shimed under the rocker bolt still no compression. what am i doing wrong??

    john harris on
  • hay Julian I have a 16 hp opposed briggs what is the most I can bore it out and do yall bore them out thank you?

    eric bevill on

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