Cub Cadet clutch packages for Garden Tractor Pullers who are just Beginners

Posted by Cathy Stahl on

A Cub Cadet  pulling tractor  and I need to update my clutch, what should I know?
In a stock class the participant may only need a new disc for their existing clutch.
Midwest Super Cub’s kevlar disc and possibly a heavier spring. The stock spring
is a 300# spring and the heavier disc is a red spring, an 800# spring.Our beginner Cub Cadet replacement package includes Pressure Plates (Cub Cadet ones warp), A Red Clutch Spring, a longer & heavier Release Arm,( longer to make it push that heavier spring easier and heavier so it doesn't bend) a throw out bearing,  a teaser spring (throw out bearing & teaser spring are commonly worn out) and a split collar( this allows you to compress the 6" long spring to 4.5   See our beginner package part # 52435 for Narrow frame cub cadet pictured, #52436 for Wide Frame Cub Cadets and #52437 for the 82 Series Cub Cadet.



Click here for informational video

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