MWSC FAQs: Tires and Wheels

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What makes the Midwest Super Cub (MWSC) gas pedal different?
The Midwest Super Cub (MWSC) gas pedal features a machined slot with a bronze bushing allowing the pedal to move smoothly. For example, our MWSC gas pedal does not have a sticky spot when depressing the pedal.

How does the rear wheel fit over the hub on John Deere and Wheel Horse tractors?
The hub can be turned down, or use our 5/16” wheel spacers (page 11 in our 2019 catalog).

Can my Cub Cadet have 1” spindles?
Yes, some of the 1000 Series Cub Cadet and some John Deere tractors have 1” spindles. The original Cub Cadets had ⅞” spindles, but the most common size spindle is ¾”.

Which tire cutting cup (or disc) should be used when cutting the lug back on the “lug type” tires?
The 4” Discs are used for cutting the lug back.
After the tire is pulled, the front of the lug tends to curl forward, this is when the 3” Cups are recommended to straighten up the front lug of a tire.
The Angled Cups are used to undercut the lug like the angles of the Cepek and LawnTec tires.

What offset rims should I run on an 82 Series tractor?
4 x 8 offset

Which size rims should I use with a 23” x 10.5” x 12” tire?
12” x 10” rim

Which size rims should I use with a 26” x 12” x 12” tire?
12” x 12” rim

How tall does the 6” Wheel and Tire stand?
12.5” tall. This lowers the front end, creating a rake.

How tall does the 8” Wheel and Tire stand?
14.5” tall. This is about the way a stock tractor sits. (More level than the 6” front rim package.)

Do LawnTec tires have fewer lugs?
Yes, the LawnTec tires have 27 lugs. Each approximately ½” high to get a fuller bite.

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