Cub Cadet Pulling Tractor: What size rear rims go with what size tires?

Posted by Cathy Stahl on

For a Cub Cadet pulling tractor 12x12 with 4/8 offset and 12x 12 with 6/6 offset rims both can be used with 26x12x12 tires.  12x10 rims with a 4/6 offset are to be used with the 23x10.50x12 tires.

The 12x12 with a 4/8  offset sets the tire out from the tractor the 6/6 offset tucks the tires under the tractor more. 

The 12x14 rims DO NOT WORK WITH 26X12X12 TIRES.The idea of a bigger footprint sounds great but does not work, don't waste your time, energy or $.

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