Aluminum Super Carb 58

  • $1,294.16

Midwest Super Cub Billet Aluminum 58mm Carb with 60.3 mm throttle bore butterfly. Larger than S&S Super D (50mm).Can be used with SS singles and Kohler Command Pro-Vtwin motors

Fuel Pressure 4.00 to 4.25 LBS.   Idle speed and Idle mixture are adjustable by the screws.  Idle mixture is at the top of carb and idle speed is next to where the throttle cable hooks up.   All the internal parts of the carb are from S&S Cycle for the Super "D" carb.  The main jet is a #90 which is usually pretty close for a 50.5 CID SS single cylinder engine.   Other jets are available through Dennis Kirk.  The main jets are the same for the Super "B", "E", "G" and "D".

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