Pressure Plates

  • $78.80

The standard OEM replacement pressure plates for Cub Cadet clutches.The stock pressure plates are two pieces and they warp and wear out. MWSC made the pressure plates out of a one piece billet steel instead of the 2 piece original design. This pressure plates will make your stock Cub Cadet work better than new either for tractor pulling or Lawn & Garden use.. Our pair of OEM pressure plates are less expensive than just one pressure plate from Cub Cadet. Replacement parts for Cub Cadet Part # 903-0213 and 903-0214. The standard pressure plates to be used with stock disk, Kevlar Disc (51155) or the 3 puck metallic disc(52124)  The HD pressure plates are to be used with the 4 puck or HD Metallic Disc, the SHD pressure plates are to be used with the SHD Metallic disc.

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